Chamber of Commerce honors m-Gurush

The National Chamber of Commerce should be applauded for recognizing business companies that are giving quality service to the citizens of this country like the m-Gurush mobile money service, Nile Commercial Bank, Juba Monitor Newspaper, Eye Radio, City FM and many others that were awarded by the National Chamber of Commerce at Crown Hotel.  With m-Gurush business transaction has become an easy thing in Juba City. For drivers and motorists, you just walk to any Trinity Energy Petrol Station and pay with m-Gurush to save 10 pounds per every litre of fuel. Such awards can promote businessmen and women in the country to provide better services in the Republic of South Sudan. It was an honor to the entire staff of those companies who have committed themselves to provide quality service to the people of this country. This year should be a blessing to m-Gurush and some of the companies awarded for providing quality service. The award was not given by mistake; it came through a hard work of the qualified staff in a given company. We should continue doing better work and advocate for peace for the country’s economy to boom.  The award has encouraged many traders to work hard so that next year they would be rewarded. It is not easy to reach a level of recognition if you are not proven in giving good services in the country.  Investors operating in the country should now work hard as the year comes to an end. The year 2020 should be a year of peace and hard work. There is an adage that “hard work never goes unrewarded.” If there is sustainable peace in the country, many investors will emerge and do businesses that will provide employment opportunities. Local investors should encourage others to do the same. They should not limit their business for themselves but encourage others to follow their footsteps. Therefore, the management of South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce should be applauded for doing a good work in the country.

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