Chamber of Commerce awarded best business organizations

By: Anna Nimiriano

South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture on 13th of this month awarded the best business people of the year. The objective of giving those awards was to promote business men and women in the country, to encourage others to do better services in their locations.  Juba Monitor was awarded as the best newspaper of the year. It was an honor to the entire staff of Juba Monitor. This year is a year of blessing to Juba Monitor for receiving awards as an institution and me as an individual.

The award was not given by mistake; it came through hard work and the quality of the newspaper. Juba Monitor has qualified staff in Juba and Uganda. The distribution of the newspaper is in most of the states that have no insecurity situations.  Since Juba Monitor was established, it had several awards from different institutions in the country due to its good services and information presented to the people of South Sudan and across the country.

We should continue doing better work and advocate for peace in the country as the main interest of the people of South Sudan.  In the same ceremony the management of Chamber of Commerce recognized late Alfred Taban for his hard work and founder of Juba Monitor.  The management of Juba Monitor thanked Chamber of Commerce for extending their recognition to the family of late Alfred Taban and remembering him for his legendary services to the country.

Late Alfred Taban was the freedom fighter in the media industry and the country at large. Many people and institutions will continue remembering him for the good job he did. The rest of the business people were encouraged to work hard so that next year they would be rewarded. It is not easy to reach to the level of recognition if you are not proven in doing good services for the country.  Investors operating in the country were advised to do the right work and adequate services. If there is sustainable peace in the country, many investors should go to the states. It would create employment to the people in the areas.

Local investors should encourage others to do the same. You should not limit your business for yourself, rather to encourage others to follow your feet steps. I thank the management of Chamber of Commerce for encouraging good work in the country. If you are doing business, you don’t know who is following you; it should be noticed in such recognition at the end of the year. 

God bless the work of businessmen and women in the country.  

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