Chamber of commerce appoints states chairs

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The Chairperson of South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Dr. Benjamine Bol Mel has appointed the new representatives at the State level.

Dr.  Bol made the appointments after considering the re-organization of States in the Republic of South Sudan into ten (10) States and three Administrative Areas.

Meanwhile, the first deputy chairperson of the South Sudan National Chamber of commerce, Losidik Lukak Legge, said the reason to why other two States representative where not included was because they had a challenge of communication.

“Some areas have no access to radio communication or any other media but we gave them one week to send their representatives, those areas include Upper Nile State, Ruweng Administrative Area and Greater Pibor administrative Area”  Lukak said.

In a document extended to Juba Monitor, yesterday, Dr. Bol appointed the following individuals for the positions of the chairpersons for seven States and Abyei Administrative Area excluding two States and two Administrative Areas.

Mr. Gun Dhukpuou, chairperson for Lake State,

Mr.Wol Charles Aleu, Chairperson for Western Bahr El Gazal,

Mr. Peter Giet Yai, Chairperson for Warrap State, Mr. Deng Makol Athian, Chairperson for Northern Bahr El Gazal,

 Mr. Robert Pitia Francis Wani, Chairperson for  Central Equatoria State,

Mrs. Lilly Hadita Nartision, Chairperson for Eastern Equatoria State,

Mr. Justin Zawa Ali, Chairperson for Western Equatoria State and Mr.Chol Deng Chol, Chairperson for Abyei Administrative Area.


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