The Jubek state chamber of commerce chairman, Cosmas Tombe Wani, is pointing a finger at the city hall for overlapping onto their mandates. The chamber says that they are the one who should be advising business community on their rights. What he is not saying clearly is how the council are overlapping or invading their territories.  However, of late there have been a number of reports accusing the council of all kind of misdoings by their officers including harassment and unorthodox way of collecting taxes and revenues, particularly, from small scale and medium size traders in the city and its suburbs. The chamber and city council are two public service providers. When one is aggrieved there should be official way of addressing the issue before going public unless someone in either of the two institutions feel cheated or betrayed. The council like chamber has a duty to cross-check what is happening in their jurisdictions without offending other players within and around them. The public expect them to collaborate and work for the good and for national interests. Washing their duty line in the public eyes means there is no order and discipline among their team. They should draw a line of responsibilities since the chamber is a private organization while the council is public owned institution. Order is mandatory since their interest is to serve the general public through their respective institutions. It is time to ensure service delivery to the general public was not affected because of the wrangle and differences by these institutions. In fact, the chamber should lead the onslaught on the council to provide conducive and acceptable environment of carrying out business. Both should be aware that the public cannot be taken for granted forever and must start putting their houses in order to meet the required standard of public service delivery. Only then can they be appreciated. Not now with little to account for.


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