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CES Police personnel beat bus park fees collectors

By Emelida Siyama John

Central Equatoria State Drivers’ Union (CES-DU) have said that the South Sudan Police Services (SSPS) officers had beaten up some of their members on Sunday in Juba.

Speaking to the media in the office at Juba town, Isaac Osfaldo Loful, a member of Central Equatoria State Drivers’ Union said that two of their colleagues who were deployed at Lou Bus Park to organize and collect bus park fees from drivers were beaten while executing their duties.

 “It was yesterday (Sunday) that I received a call that my people who were working at Lou Bus Park were taken by the police officers and they were beaten seriously. Indeed, they were beaten,” Mr. Loful disclosed.

He said thatthe two men were beaten simply because they were trying to direct the drivers not to saturate the road side as instead, they have to go inside theBus Park to avoid traffic jam.

“What happened between the police personnel and our members at Lou, our two men were chasing away the drivers from parking by the roadsides, one of the reasons was to reduce jam, and other one was for the drivers use right channel”.  

However, he said the police officers were deployed there by the former mayor to lower traffic jams in Lou Bus Park.

Loful added that the police officers have taken the advantage of drivers been taken the passengers by the road side to collect the money from them.

He said the police by then wanted to take the role of collecting the money from the drivers which he said was the mandate of the drivers’ union.

“Instead of officers telling drivers to fil their buses from the park, they instead want them to fill from outside, because there the collect the money direct to the pockets.”

He said the two men were seriously beaten and the union was currently taken care of but he demanded the investigation to the incident.

The people who were collecting money from buses drivers and did not want the right people to chase away the drivers from the road side.

Meanwhile Angelo Paul Kawoja, 51-year-old man who was one of the bus park fees collectors said that he was extremely beaten by police officers on Sunday.

“I was canned when trying to chase away the drivers to go to Bus Park not to fill their buses from the road side, but police officers do not want to me to chase away drivers from that place because they are collecting money from the drivers to them direct,” he claimed

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