CES gov’t urges for return of refugees, noting improved secuirty

By James Atem Kuir

The government of Central Equatoria State (CES) urged the inhabitants who fled violence to neighbouring countriesduring the years of war, to voluntarily return home and start rebuild their lives,citing security situation has improved.

The state Information and Communication Minister, Andruga Mabe Saverio who addressed the media on the recent visit by delegation of officials led Governor Emmanuel Adil to Yei and Morobo counties, said the government had noted enhanced security in the areas that hadpreviously witnessed increased assaults as government forces and those of opposition National Salvation Army led General Thomas Cirilo.

“Another objective of this important visit was so that, people who have gone to seek refugee in the neighbouring countries were asked to return and give confidence of security assurance in those areas. If the governor himself could reach those areas, it means there is relative peace, and it now depends on the people to embrace the need to come back to villages and embark on reconstruction,” he said.

The Minister said that,the delegation also commissioned Saint Charles Lwanga Basic School and upgraded MoroboHealthcare Center to County hospital and Kenji PrimarySchool in Yei.

Saverio said that the facilities destroyed during the fighting were renovated with government funding to improve social services and encourage the return of people displaced outside the country.

He said the Governor also informed the local communities of government plan to start the construction of the Juba–Yei-Kaya road to boost trade and access for local produces to market in Juba.

He also echoed the Governor’s effort to put to an end the fighting in Central Equatoria State, urging young people against going to the bush to fight instead of engaging reconstruction of the infrastructure damaged during the war.

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