CES Chamber of commerce to introduce agro business

By Bida Elly David

Central Equatoria State chamber of commerce has premeditated to introduce an agro corporate enterprise in its new fiscal year to boost confirmatory domestic production and business to domiciles.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Central Equatoria State chairperson of the chamber of commerce Robert Pitia said, chamber of commerce has put into consideration the introduction of an agro-business in the state to boost domestic businesses and production since dependence on imports has dominated domestic production and entrepreneurship.

He pointed out that the major aim of introducing the initiative was to ensure that citizens, especially the ones living in Central Equatoria State are rescued from the food deficit that arises due to a series of strikes by foreign traders and import dependence.

‘’We have come with an economic strategy to boost domestic production through the introduction of an agro-business to sustain internal consumption of products by local consumers,’’ saidPitia

Furthermore, Pitia reiterated that most large scale enterprises are dominated by foreigners making it tough for locals to benefit monetarily from either retail or wholesale businesses.

‘’Domestic production has been crippled totally due to domination of large business enterprises by foreigners in the state. Introduction of the agro-business will enhance domiciles to boost domestic production of goods for both commercial and subsistence use’’ he reiterated.

However, Pitia said, places such as Yei, Kajo-Keji, Lainya of Central Equatoria State were identified as fertile areas where agro-business could be established.

‘’We have identified fertile areas such as Yei, Kajo-Keji and Lainya as key areas where such business shall be established’’ he pointed.

He also urged all governments to collaborate towards infrastructural improvement such that access to the fertile areas could be reached without jeopardy.

‘’I urge the County, City Council, State and National governments to collaborate towards improving infrastructure such that the next fiscal year is met without challenges’’ he said.

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