CEPO worried over gov’t response to flood

Flood image

By Atimaku Joan

The Executive Director for community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani has raised a concern about silence of the national government’s respond on flood affected areas.  

In a document availed to Juba Monitor yesterday, there has been issues of miscarriages among pregnant mothers due to the flood.

“A number of pregnant women that had miscarriage due to a lot of water and floods because they are always walking in the water from 4 to 5 hours and it led to that situation”, he stated 

He said that they were worried about the silence of the government in early proper planning for the floods mitigation.

“The raining season is approaching and there is no clear public share government strategy on the mitigation of the floods. The implications of the floods are real around food and human security, health threats, livelihoods and disturbing social cohesion among communities due to competition of high lands or lands far flooding,” he said.

Yakani added the leadership of the country both at executive and legislature should really take the floods threats on our communities’ serious and designed early response to the floods before it is too late.

“We in CEPO under our Climate Change Advocacy is urging President to call for national conference for mitigation of floods. This conference should be handled urgently before the month of April, 2022 and the national legislature should take pro-active role on driving the government commitment for climate change with specific focus on the threats of flood,” said Yakani

He revealed that CEPO Climate Change Advocacy would be engaging the relevant committees of the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly for lobbying them to pursued urgent government plan for the mitigation of floods threats in the country.

Unity State has reported about 47 people dead after drowning in flood waters and snakebites in the area since October last year.

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