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CEPO welcomes establishment of Commission for Truth and Reconciliation

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment, Progress Organization (CEPO) welcomed the positive move by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on the establishment of the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing in the country.

Earlier, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Reuben MadolArol said a technical committee tasked to prepare for the consultations had completed its tasks by saying that he will invite His Excellency President of the Republic to launch the national public consultation, the outcome of which will form the basis for the enactment of legislation for the establishment of the CTRH in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.1.1 of the R-ARCSS. As well National ministers, state governors, diplomatic corps, IGAD, RJMEC, AU, and representatives of UN organizations in South Sudan to attend the launching at Freedom Hall on Tuesday the 5th of April 2022.

Edmund Yakani, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization initiative of Transitional Justice Resources Centre welcomed this positive move by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on establishment of the CTRH. It is an essential process that requires effective citizens’ participation without any restrictive move.

“Transitional justice is an essential process for transitioning of the society from violence to peace. Forgiveness, truth-telling, and healing. Although the process of citizens’ engagement in transitional justice was badly delayed, it is better to have it now than never. The transitional justice process requires the restrictiveness of civic space for better and genuine citizens’ engagement in the process of consultations for generating opinions of the citizens on what should be the process of transitional justice. Based on this point, we are urging the president to officially declare observation of the freedom of expression by the state authorities linked with the transitional process of public consultations because the deliberations during the public consultation will not avoid pointing fingers at some leaders’ actions that might trigger commitment of the atrocities,”

He added that Transitional Justice Resources Centre is urging His Excellency the President during his address for the official launching of the public consultations for the transitional justice process to declare observation of freedom of expression and free media by the state authorities.

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