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CEPO urges principal parties to agree on unified command

By Wek Atak Kacjang

 The Executive Director of Community Empowerment Progress Organization calls on the principals of the parties’ signatories to the R-ARCSS to really compromise on the issues of the unification of the command structure. 

Edmund Yakani said that without proper unified command structures, all possible actions that are geared towards security sector reform or transformation will not succeed because of no centralized structure of decision and authority for genuine deliverance of the reform or transformation expected per the R-ARCSS chapter 2 provisions. 

“The role played by the Sudan government as a guarantor and chair of IGAD and the recent engagement of the Ethiopian Government all are remarkable. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization appreciates the role the Sudan government and other actors like the Ethiopian government, African Union and UNMISS played for de-escalating the frictions developed among the parties’ signatories to the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan. A successful unification of the command structures will directly contribute for the effective strengthening of the Joint Defense Board, Joint Transitional Security Committee and the other security mechanisms for proper security and defense unification process. It is for the best interest of our country’s peace and stability if our leaders can embrace strategic compromises that contribute in de-escalating frictions and chances of returning to violence. Professionalism of security and defense sector requires real commitment, time and proper financing,”

He added that CEPO is embraced by the involvement of the Sudan government as a guarantor and chair of IGAD but we urge our leaders who have the primary responsibility for implementing the peace agreement to take compromises in the same way we have seen in the past. The stability of the country is greater than any political interest

He revealed that CEPO is urging the instrument of the presidency enshrined in the R-ARCSS article 1.5.1 read together with article to conduct a meeting and do joint briefing for the nation on their consensus reached on the areas of disagreement for regaining the public trust and confidence on the R-ARCSS implementation   

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