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CEPO urges parties to consider people’s interest

By John Agok

Lakes State Coordinator of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO)condemned top leaders in the state for mismanaging the state affairs especially in the on-going insecurity.

Daniel Laat Kon CEPO state Coordinator echoed this statement in a press release on Monday.

He added that the state administration on 27th May declared in their security meeting that they are not able to fuel three functional police vehicles to maintain the security in the state.

This statement was followed by by the SPLM party’s Secreatariat to response 28th May condemning the acting governor, calling the updates as irresponsible , unethical and politically motivated post.

This confrontationhas however, caused worries in the public arena and clearly caught attention of citizens on how leaders are mismanaging the state affairs.

The recent pronouncement by state officials on financial constraints contributed to state failure that  clamped down insecurity.

CEPO call upon Lakes state governor and the deputy to promote people interest first rather than promoting their political affiliation .

“ We asked R-TGoNU at National level to rescue the situation by resolving Lakes state since both leaders have failed to address their differences and work together for the Welfare of people in the state .

“CEPO also remain observant to governance issues in the state and hopeful that state government will implement R-ARCSS for stability and prosperous”the statement read.”

 According to the revitalized peace agreement, decision making in the government shall be spirit of collegial collaboration. In order for Lakes state government to reach R.TGoNU targets in peace implementation,both leaders must drop their differences and work for peace and stability in the state.

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