CEPO trained organized forces on Gender Base violence

The excusive director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani during an opening remarks of a two day work shop to strengthen the issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and joint awareness rising to organized forces under the theme “role of police services, prisoners and armed officers in addressing issues of GBV and strengthening gender peace and security”.

Yakani said this workshop should engage the public in creating awareness on GBV, sitting special protection unit (SPU) and added supporting to make his or her department function and supply stationary to special protection unit.

Endorsement of special protection unit police and reestablishment of SPU, the gender role come from the way how we specialize and culturally think on decision making, “a woman is a property of men, how comes a property owns a property because I pay dowry for the woman so she is my property”, she said. Conflict is not the only way of controlling and it will depend on the form.

However, he said the causes of gender base violence are “the culture of abduction, rape- criminal offence, and better management of judiciary, legislative and executive was the major factor”. It depend on the cross examining the knowledge, attitude and property.

He also commented that the bell is not only for police it is for all of us so we need to stop GBV.

The deputy director in the National Ministry of Gender, Child and Social welfare as a participant Jane Kiden said this is when there is no equal right as responsibility of women is only to cater for the home activities not to travel across or when you talk of equal rights they say they have owned you with dowry.

When we talk of equality and equity it means we need to be treated as equal as men not discriminating that a woman cannot play a role in the society, we have a lot to do, so let’s stop gender base violence in the society, it mostly happen when a community fights the other that’s when it will happen.

The acting spoke person of the national police service James Duckarilo said in an interview that we have got good knowledge from what gender is and sex is; what men can do and what women can do so far, the culture of silence in case of rape and how a lady can talk on how she is raped.

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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