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CEPO, partners organize workshop to eliminate violence in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization(CEPO) in collaboration with Nonviolence and Development (ONAD) and New Tribe have organizeda three-day workshop whose core objective was eliminating conflict and violence in Yei River County.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday,Yei Field Co-ordinator for CEPO Yeka Joel Denis said that the aim of the workshop was peace building and how to resolve conflict by involving people in Yeito the situation analysis to provide a conducive environment in Yei.

“Why we conduct such kind of training is because Yei registered a lot of challenges during the conflict that started in 2016 and now,we are looking at involving everyone in the situation analysis and help people in providing a conducive environment for the citizens,” Denis explained.

Flora Loku Justin, the Project Manager for New Tribe organisation said she believed that dialogue was the only means for solving problems peacefully.

She said that the organizations were interested in creating a nonviolent environment for young people to grow and learn to solve issues without violent.

“With the trauma that people are going through and the mentality of fighting, we are trying to create an environment where by young people will be able to raise up in a none violent way and practice dialogue to solve problems despite misunderstanding and challenges through practicing dialogue or none violent ways of solving issues,” Justin said.

Meanwhile, Moses Mabe,Secretary for South SudanRelief and Rehabilitation Commission stressed that it was a privilege to open the training on peace building in Yei River County because the county had undergone several violent acts and challenges since the onset of the conflict in 2016.

“I am privileged to come and open these sessions which focus on peace building. You know all along we have been in problem at least now you can see that a number of people are coming, particularly this Year in Yei. So, I urge you to use this opportunity to encourage peaceful coexistence in our communities,” Mabe advised the participants.

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