CEPO organizes peace dialogue in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) organized an inclusive peace dialogue in Rumbek to resolve the inter-clan conflicts between Gelwong armed Youth and Chiefs of Panyon, Gony, Dhiei, Thuyic and kok sections.

The conflict begun in June this year between members of Rup and Aliamtoc communities

In an Interview with Juba Monitor, CEPO Coordinator, in Rumbek, Isaac Majier Majok said the involvement of every clan that took part in the conflict is an important step towards bringing everlasting peace between Aliamtoc and Rup communities.

The Chairperson of Panyon Community Peace Committee, Khamis Angui Dhuor said six sections that comprises of;  Gony, Dhiei, Pacuar, Kokawac , Thuyic and Panyon agreed  on 14 days to make blood compensation for the opening of the roads for free movement between Cuei-adukan and Pacong, stopping  road ambushes and looting of cows and goats .

Raided cattle will also be searched and returned to their owners.

The Dhuor urged the communities on both sides to maintain current peaceful status to co-exist together.

“There are good signs of peace initiatives initiated by Gong and Dhiei sections to resume normal relationship by returning some Icon bulls that were raided or detained during their post conflict with Panyon and the roads connecting Among-piny will resume where everybody will have freedom of movement,” said Dhuor.

The Chairperson of Dhiei Peace Committee, Malou Marial Mangu said the community elders and Gelwong armed youth resolved their differences amicably.

Mangu appeals to the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) and other peace actors to support the process of Community Peace Dialogue.

“There are many things which need to be achieved through funding like preparing people for the second round of dialogue and assessment of loses of properties on both sides during the fighting,” Mangu said.

The Peace Dialogue organized by CEPO was attended by over 200 participants including Chiefs.

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