CEPO lauded President’s political will to combat corruption

By John Agok

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Executive Director commended the political will to fight corruption in the Country.

Over the weekend, President directed newly appointed minister of Finance Agak Achuil to stop corruption in his docket, mishandling and siphoning of public funds aboard

In press release that was availed to Juba Monitor yesterday, the   Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Edmund Yakani, appreciated the President for this remarkable position, adding that this has been  expressed several times since 2013 till today but without tangible action that demonstration the execution of this position in fighting corruption in South Sudan by the leadership of the country.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO time has for the leadership of the country to avail political will for fighting corruption serious beyond making of political statements annually.

“Corruption is one of sicknesses that have reduced the government capacity in delivering social services effectively to the citizens. Further corruption is one of the factors that fuel occurrence of political violence in the country. Any political elites that want to make quick money, it is becoming a practice that always this particular or group of political elites wage physical or verbal war against the incumbent system. He or she or they will be rewarded with political power for looting the national resources for personal gain,

Moment has for H.E. President to practical empower all state and stakeholders that stood up strongly for fighting various corruption in the country.  The fighting against corruption cannot succeed if the political leadership of the country failed to vail freedom of expression, the rights of access to information and facilitation of due legal process against all allege cases of corruption. Political interference on the struggle of fighting corruption normally empowered corrupted minded individual or group to looting properties and funds properly without any mercy. Mr. Yakani stressed

CEPO treats corruption as act of crime against humanity, because the implications of corrupt practices normally created the same impact of any form of act called “crime against humanity”. It is a moment that H.E. the president should ensure that our National Audit General, Anti-corruption Commission, Parliamentary Public Accounts Specialized Committee and Fiscal Financial Allocation and Monitoring entities should delivery their constitutional mandate regularly without any political inference or financial restrictions

Finally, CEPO urged H.E. President and Transitional National Legislature to stand strongly and fight corruption seriously and rightfully. CEPO wished the government to stand up, demonstrate practical commitment to fight corruption during the international anti-corruption day on the 9th December 2021 under the theme” Your, your role: say no to corruption”.

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