CEPO calls on youth to be vigilant

By: Kitab A Unango

The Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO) has called on youth to be vigilant and avoid being used by politicians for their personal gains.

Lokuto Bismark Simon, CEPO Project Officer said youth constitutes about 70 percent of South Sudan population. He said they should avoid being used as fire wood and later dumped.

“My massage to youth in South Sudan is let us not be used as fire wood that we are burnt and nobody takes care of the ash. So let us be people who can change South Sudan for betterment of next generations,” Bismark said.

He was speaking at a town hall debate on youth governance and unemployment organized by Top FM radio funded by BBC Media Action and European Union to engage and find solutions to fragmented youth in the country.

The debate drew more than twenty youth representatives from civil society organizations, political parties as well as students.

Bismark said lack of unity among youth makes them either victims or perpetrators of the ongoing conflict in the country.

“The nation depends on youth, now youth in South Sudan has been scattered by conflict and youth are either victims or perpetrators of the conflict,” he said.

Issac Kenyi, Top FM Program Manager who organized the forum said findings suggested that involvement of youth in the ongoing conflict in the country have been attributed to lack of their participation in the governance.

He said this has made some youth to associate with groups they thought could provide solutions to their challenges.

“Issue raised when we were doing community engagement is that some of the issues affecting youth was that they were not involved in the governance. So what we are trying to achieve is to get suggestions from participants to enable the media to tackle issues affecting youth,” he said.

Kenyi added that similar unity among youth during independence celebration in 2011 is needed to achieve lasting peace in the country, which is the goal of Top FM radio.

“We all want a country where we are not disconnected from each other, a country where people are not identified by their ethnicity or regions. We want peaceful coexistence as it was during 2011 independent celebration,” he said.

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