CEPO calls for reconciliation in Eastern Equatoria State

By Kabaka Quintous

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) is calling on Governor Louis Lobong Lojore to reconcile politicians and the civil population in the State.

Ojok Francis Laboke, Eastern Equatoria State coordinator for CEPO said the communities had been confused by the politicians which he said was the cause of insecurity in most parts of the State.

Francis told Juba Monitor on Monday that politicians and civil servants would only trust each other after they had been reconciled.

“They had been confused by the politicians that is why we need to correct it through a dialogue,” he said.

He said the leaders should declare it clearly that they have reconciled among themselves before the communities while admitting their mistakes.

“New government to rebuild the facilities including schools and medical centers that had been destroyed during the war. Not only the buildings facilities, we have schools, health facilities that are not functioning, they had been looted, roofs destroyed and the walls destroyed, what we want our government is to rebuild them,” stressed.

He said despite the challenge posed by coronavirus in the country, the government should pull socks to maintain educational services to allow the children go back to schools.

Francis said as CEPO coordinator, he wants governor to create a conducive environment for civil societies who represent the bigger population in the country.

“We the civil society organizations we are non-patricians we are looking at the concerns of the communities, we want to have a very good link with the current government because we are looking at very diverse issues on solution oriented without interest. Let him support us as we support our government to provide service to our population,” Francis explains.

Deputy Chairperson for civil society network in Eastern Equatoria State Ms. Flora Sebit Jada said the new governor should build civil-military relation in the State for them to trust each other.

“Is not easy for civilians to sit together with military because of some issues, there had been a lot of misunderstanding between civilians and military and we need to encourage civil-military relations through dialogue so that they can stay well,” she said.

“I also want the governor to rebuild community cohesion especially when the State was divided there was a lot of cohesion between Kapoeta and Torit civilians and for the politicians, we need our governor to look at it as a great concern so that we stay together as citizens of Eastern Equatoria State not as Torit or Kapoeta,” Flora said.

Earlier during his reception in Torit, Governor Loius Lobong Lojore promised to work for peace and reconciliation among different stakeholders in the state. He call for forgiveness among politicians and citizens of his State.  

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