Central Equatoria Youth rejects Gola’s order

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Central Equatoria Youth rejects Gola Boyoi Gola’s order on formation of Ten State Plus three Administrative Areas Youth Union Steering Committees principally Central Equatoria State.

In the letter seen by Juba Monitor dated 28th of October Gola Boyoi Gola the Chairperson of South Sudan National Youth Union issued an Executive Order for reorganization and restricting of States’ and Administrative Areas Youth Union.

In the exercise of the powers conferred upon me under articles 5, 7 and 11 of General Regulations of South Sudan National Youth Union 2019. I Gola Boyoi Gola, the Chairperson of South Sudan National Union do hereby issued this order No. 02 for;

“Dissolution of the defunct 32 States youth unions, formation of steering committees for ten States youth unions and three Administrative Areas and the committees Chairpersons (states youth union steering committees) shall be the former chairpersons of the defunct states whose headquarters are the current ten states headquarters.” The order reads.

In a respond to the Gola’s executive order the Central Equatoria Youths who were claimed to be chosen by the counties of Central Equatoria States to follow the issue, described the Gola’s order as unconstitutional and illegal.

“We the CEYs rejects and condemn the unconstitutional and illegal executive order for the formation of Ten State Youth Union Steering Committees plus three Administrative Area particularly in Central Equatoria State by Mr. Gola Boyoi Gola Chairperson of South Sudan National Youth Union,” Said Emmanuel Ladu Kose the head of the committee.

According to the group, the National Youth Union don’t have a constitutional mandate to form any State Youth Union Steering Committee in the states without the presence of the states’ ministers of Youth and Sports.

“Based on article 7(1) F of the Youth and Sports bodies regulations act 2003, that give powers to Minister to appoint and dissolved the steering committee of the Youth Union and article (21) give power to Minister to appoint Youth Union Election Committee.”

Mr. Emmanuel further revealed that it is only in the absence of State Minister of Youth, the Commission of Youth and Sports in the ministry has powers to form State Youth Union Steering Committee.

They said that CES youths are capable of organizing themselves as well as forming 8 Steering Committee to prepare for the State Youth Union Convention when the formation of the state’s cabinet is done.

“Therefore, we call for National Youth Union to reconsider its decision on this matter and we reiterate our full support to the leadership of Cde. Emmanuel Adil as being a youth governor for our state. We appeal to his highest authority to reject this constitutional violation by suggesting recourse to legal and practicable way forward that lead to inclusive, credible and peaceful State Youths Union Convention,” Ladu concluded.

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