Central Equatoria to introduce E-government system

By William Madouk Garang

Central Equatoria State government (CES) is set to introduce electronic government system in all its institutions to ease government portfolio, connectivity and make service delivery more efficient.

The CES state Minister of Information & communication, Andruga Severino Mabe yesterday revealed that they had signed Memorandum of Understanding which they would review before awarding contract to implementing firm known as Modern Approach Company (MAC).

“It’s Modern Approach Company (MAC) that have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), we have to review MOU and then award them a contract to sign with state government,

“The operationalization will begin the first week of December and as I am talking we have availed them (technicians) a space at the state ministry of Information,” Mabe told journalists in press conference at CES Governor’s State House yesterday.

He explained that the launching of electronic government would ease operation and service delivery to the people in the state.

“This month we had decided that the state government move digitalized, we are planning to launch and establish E-government system. The E-government system should be establish and to be operationalized, it’s an electronic government to easy service delivery,” Mabe revealed.

“What is inside the E-government system, is what we called E-government portfolios that mean you connect all the ministries and all institution in this government all to be digitalized in carrying out operations and functions,” he added.

He added that world was evolving and transforming into digitalized system which made the world small village and as such it was necessary for state government to move toward transforming its system to meet world standards.

“We also have to empower our staff in the human resource the government under the leadership of Emmanuel Adil also looks keen at improving the standards and capabilities of the staff,either constitutional post holders or civil servants in general. They should be empowered and given some good packages that they earn living according to the world of today and to meet the requirement of the market,” he affirmed.

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