Central Equatoria state promises free media environment

By Yiep Joseph

The Central Equatoria state government has promised to provide media friendly environment and easy access to information for media outlets operating in the state.

According to the document seen by Juba Monitor regarding the world Press Freedom Day, Paulino Lukudu Obede, the Information Minster Central Equatoria stateassured the media fraternity that the state government will provide media friendly environment to all the media outlets.

“Iam delightful to inform you that the government of Central Equatoria state is composed of four arms of the government and media is the fourth arm,” Lukudu said.

“Our Unity government will ensure we provide media friendly environment, access to information as well as good governance with the pillars of press freedom and respect to the constitution and media laws,” he added

“We all recognize the efforts enshrine by all the media houses both print, broadcasting and electronic,” he said.

He mentioned that it is also high time for the media partners to invest and empower media fraternity by developing the information communication sector and enhance access to information for the communities in Central Equatoria state and South Sudan at large who are facing difficulties to access information and hurdles of passing information to the concerned institutions.

“On the same note, we are also urging you to practice responsible media by embracing professionalism and ethics and abide by all media laws and code of conduct to enable us develop media fraternity which shun propaganda and portrays our potentials as a nation in building peaceful, united prosperous and forward-looking nation,” he said.

“The government of Central Equatoria state on this occasion of the world Press Freedom Day today 3rd May 2021 congratulates all the Media outlet practitioners from the broadcasting, print, electronic and all media outlets for keeping our people informed entertained and educated in aspects of social economic cultural political security and governance issues in the country,” he expressed.

“We recognize these efforts enshrine by you,” he added.

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