By Anna Nimiriano

The Catholic Archdiocese of Juba is organizing different activities for   Centenary celebrations every month. The activities they are organizing basically promote Christian faith and have positive impact in the life of Christianity around Juba City. The Centenary celebration was launched last year in November by His Grace Paulino Lukudu Loro, Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba. During the celebrations, Archbishop Loro said there will be many activities within and outside Juba for the whole year. Any activity of this year is considered for centenary celebrations.

However, the activities have started right after the launching of the celebration at Rejaf Parish on 1st November, 2018.

Since the beginning of this year, a lot of activities had happened and are still continuing at Rejaf Parish. The activities include training for youth, to build their capacity and strengthen faith in the Archdiocese of Juba. Last month was celebration of Christian’s families. For some parents, their marriages were blessed as part of the programmes during the celebrations.  Saturday 22nd of this month, was the celebration of children activities. More than 1,500 children received confirmation and several of them have attended the celebrations from various parishes. Church schools were also involved in attending the celebration as they are operating under the diocese administration.

Children were dancing at the altar though there was heavy rain on Saturday. That has shown their determination in church activities, seriousness in faith as children grow up in the church environment. A child, who starts foundation in the church, would grow with respect and strong faith. The celebrations have encouraged children to be active in church programmes and they will grow with strong faith. It would encourage other children and the elderly people too to come to the church and love Christianity in their live.

In any community, if there are good programmes, it attracts children to joint them. Currently, it is happening in the Archdiocese of Juba.

The coming activities could be different apart from the previous solitary until the Archdiocese reaches the final celebrations in November this year. Plan of having celebrations by involving group of people, is inspiring many people to participate in the Centenary activities. They feel they are part of the programme and participate fully. It keeps people busy in the church with monthly programmes. In the past, people thought church activities were only for children or youth, but now everybody participates in any activity he or she likes. It makes the church to be alive and keep people away from criminal acts. If you fear God, you cannot do wrong to your brothers and sisters. You forgive your enemy from time to time. That could only be done by a person who is committed to the church. You cannot get this teaching unless you are in church.

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