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CENSUS-Uncertainty to conduct looms

By John Agok

The Chairperson for South Sudan National Bureau of Statistic has echoedtheconcern over the possibilityof conducting the census terming it as political and not technical henceresulting to the uncertainty as to when the exercise could be held.

He further explained the rationale or justification for Population Estimate Survey which was meant to validate both the 2008 population data and the current 13 Million Projected population. 

Speaking to the Media after launching ceremony of Population Estimated Survey on Thursday,Isaiah Chol Arueirevealed that, there wereflimsy ideas of exercise forcing many South Sudanese to ask as to when the census was going to be carried out in the country amid all the present challenges.

“Many South Sudanese have become pretty inquisitive and pessimistic on census and election date since there are myriads of challenges facing the Country,” he said.

He admitted that, the question was for the politicians to decide on when the Census would commence in the country.

“We are technical people dealing with technical preparation for census to be conducted, butit is upon the politicians to decide. We are doing our best as the technician team and leave the rest for the politicians to kick the ball,” he added.

Mr. Chol called on security actors to cooperate with National Bureau of Statistics when undertaking Population Estimation Survey (PES) in all the ten states and the threeAdministrative Areas. He outlined the benefits of the survey to the people.

“We are perceived by some of security apparatus as an International Non -governmental Organization (INGO) not knowing that, we are a government body which need cooperation to expedite the survey,” He concluded.

He said that PES was not a substitute as many people were known to be doubting its outcome to the fact that the planned 2013 to 2015 both Census and Election failed. “We could not continue but resorted to 2008 figures for established PES out its data.”

Abenego Akok Kecuol the National Election Committee Chairperson also said that, without reliable Census, there would be no reliable Election.

He admitted that, there was uncertainty indeed since South Sudanese did not believe in 2008 Census and elections and the PES outcome would be uncertain and unpredictable.

Census is expected to be carried out every ten-year. South Sudan only conducted its first Census in 2008.

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