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Celebrating Christmas peacefully

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Christians all over the world had celebrated Christmas; it was a day of joy and peace. How people celebrated it depends on individual country and family. Some people celebrated in the houses; they ate good food and drank different types of drinks. Others went to the church to get messages of peace from Priests, Pastors and Bishops of various denominations. The birth of Jesus was clear in the Bible right from the beginning of the word.

To understand the meaning of Christmas, it is the role of church leaders to preach to the faithful. Of course the message will continue until next year. Like yesterday was Sunday, still church leaders preached messages of Jesus the King and all songs in the churches were carrying the same meaning of the birth of Jesus.

How Jesus was born and Angel Gabriel brought the message to Virgin Mary was made clear to Christians to understand it very well. In Juba, Christmas were seen better on Children, they moved from one area to another. On 25th several of them went to the Cultural center to dance on 26th, some of them attended the programme of Diamond Platnumz, a musician who came to perform special songs for Christmas Eve to the people of South Sudan.

How people enjoyed Christmas and understood the word of God, it depends on how the church delivered the messages, but at the end all messages were carrying the birth of Jesus Christ from Virgin Marry who was booked to Joseph as her husband.

The message of God is to bring peace and good living in the families, society and the country at large. If all of us put the messages of church leaders in practice, there would be no problems in the world.

It is important for us to live good life and be humble to one another as Jesus was humble to us in the world. We need to practice good living and give good example as the life of Jesus on earth. We cannot do that except we surrender ourselves to Jesus by doing better to others.

Christmas is teaching us a lot of things, if we understand the meaning of it in our lives as children of God.

Generally, a lot of activities have been happening within these days of Christmas season and will continue until January the first. Christmas is an occasion of hope; many people wished peace to for people of South Sudan and individuals.

May God bless us all.

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