Celebrate women Martyrs too -Dusman

Dusman Joyce, a Member of Parliament and Chairperson of the Women Parliamentary Caucus: (Juba Monitor file photo):

By Viola Matela

Yesterday was the national Martyrs’ day, an important day to remember the contributions of South Sudan’s fallen heroes.

The day was silently marked by South Sudanese at homes since there were no national celebrations held due to lack of prior preparations.

Dusman Joyce, a Member of Parliament and Chairperson of the Women Parliamentary Caucus in a phone interview with the Juba Monitor used the day to call for celebration of women martyrs.

In her message to the public, she insisted that women Martyrs ought to be remembered because they too contributed to the freedom struggle during the 21 years of civil war between the people from the Southern Sudan region against the Khartoum government in the north.

“There were women generals, commanders while others carried ammunition and treated the wounded on the war frontlines. We cannot just forget their sacrifices,” Dusman said.

According to the MP, young girls during that time also underwent military training while at school. Additionally, women served as cooks; collecting and preparing food for the fighters.

“Whenever the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) attacked a village, women were made to grind maize, sorghum and make food for the soldiers,” Dusman added.

She insisted that often the women are not recognized as much as their male counterparts but it should change since they worked hard during the liberation struggle and are still working hard today.

“Many women lost lives in the past struggle and they are still working for peace today even in the current peace talks,” she said.

Adding voice to her co-parliamentarian, Elizabeth Aduk, Secretary General of the Women Parliamentary Caucus called upon everyone to remember the sacrifices the Martyrs went through to bring peace.

“As South Sudanese, let us be united, love one another and work together for peace,”Aduk said in a phone interview.

Notable among the female fighters according to Aduk is Ager Gum, an army general of the SPLA who died in 1996.

She further urged nationals outside the country to come back and discuss a way forward for peace in the country.

“As human beings, we make mistakes but we have to forget past pains and move on. Let those who are outside come back, sit down and we discuss our issues as brothers and sisters,” Aduk said.




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