Celebrate appointment and accept removal

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

The culture of clinging onto power by our politicians has become a normal practice. It has never existed in other parts of the world even though it is happening somehow. There are those in the government who say they are with the Presidency. They beat the drum of oneness and claim to be the closest associates of the presidency.

Others say they will do everything possible to ensure that the leadership of the country benefits all its citizens. Praises and thanksgiving are always everywhere, congratulatory messages never end and expectations are always beyond limit. During the inauguration day, bulls, goats and sheep are always slaughtered to celebrate the occasion and happiness.

Both modern and traditional dances are always performed to celebrate and mark the appointment. Truly, you can imagine that, these groups of people love the President and his government.

Indeed these groups sometimes have problem with the leadership only when their son or daughter is removed from the power by the President. All is well during the time of the appointment; however, you will only come to know that some South Sudanese are gossipers and power angry especially when you are tempted to remove their son or daughter from the power.

During that time, you and I will easily witness the bitterness they would have in the hearts towards the appointing authority. They will complain day and night, throwing stones and bad words to the leadership for taking a new direction.

You will come to know that, their happiness and the congratulatory messages given during the appointment of their son or daughter is just accompanied by the spirit of money and power, not nation building. They do not have anything in their hearts for the country.

I have seen that, the Vice Presidents, governors, commissioners, generals, inspectors among others have been dismissed from their respective positions. You see anger and bitterness coming back to President Kiir’s leadership blaming him for the decision taken. Some of us are becoming unhappy with the leadership not knowing that they were there temporarily when they were appointed.

They don’t know politics is a game and has its limitation which could occur in any hour or day without your expectation. It is not a permanent place to live in as some politicians might have thought.

Decrees are always knocking at the door for any politician to go and come in whenrever necessary. Politics is a game of obtaining the head and the tail if you play your cards very well.

As a politician, you should accept dismissal from you position any time, any hour, any day, and any minute throughout your life. And you shouldn’t get annoyed with the person above you for doing so.

You are either removed from your position when you are not doing well, when you are a tribal- leader, a liar, a thief, warmonger to mentioned but a few.

No one can just be removed, whenever you did not do anything wrong against the nation, unless you have friction with the leadership, you will not be removed from your position.

In the west, President or Prime Minister cannot just remove someone in power from the parliament or any other important position.

Though, ministers, governors or security advisors can be relieved from their duty anytime and no more questions are asked on the matter because those citizens know that it is the right of the President to do so.

In the west, it is the people’s voice talking not the cabinet and the parliamentarians in most cases, though they have a say.

The matters of policies are in every corner and some of us needed to know when and how this workout, because they are those who claim to remain in power until they are death, especially in African culture of politics.

Many Presidents, politicians, generals among others need to stay in that seat, even if they are old enough, or doing wrong thing, they don’t care about others who may also want to rule for sometimes. They want to take and bear the leadership seat as their own property and money. Most of the times, they want to die on power or transfer the power to their clans and sons and that is why African politics is becoming bad to practice. It has made the continent to become backward in the leadership system of governance and democracy.

Though I have quoted examples from the west, I would like to emphasize on South Sudanese politicians, generals, citizens, elders, and lawmakers that the position belongs to everyone, so you and I shouldn’t insist on it when your time to go home is at hand.

As I early said, this is not your own belonging or money which you need to cling  on, but it is for the public consumption, and you have  to leave it peacefully when your time come and not to cause tensions and chaos to general public. Just leave the position and go in peace.

You are not the best politician or citizen in this country whenever you are told to leave the position of a general, governor or any political post.

There are others who can performance better job than you and I, and so, give them a chance to exercise their normal political career peacefully and in credible manner.

This culture of saying we/I am, the best to run the government positions is nonsense and should not be entertained in the country.

Believe on others that, they are human beings like you, and allow yourself to be rule by them and you will test the sweetness of their good leadership.

This is a rotten ideology which cannot help South Sudan, Africa and the whole world to move ahead if we keep insisting that, we are the right/the best people on this planet.

We will be deceiving ourselves and the truth will not be seen in us one day and for the generations to come.

We have to leave our selfishness, greediness and allow God to direct our thoughts and plans.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via:modijamesladu@yahoo.com

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