CE Education Minister donates school desk to Juba One girls

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Central Equatoria State Ministry of General Education and Instructions has donated seventy-five (75) school desks to Juba One girl’s primary school to support children who don’t have good desks.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the Minister of General Education and Instructions Cirisio Zakaria Lado Pefo said that the donation was to encourage school children who don’t have good desks to find their best promotion to stay calm in class and focus creative.

“The Ministry of General Education want every school learning environment to reflect the environment of the real world. I believe that the good desks will allow school children too quickly and easily pair up because flexible seating will encourage students to share both to encourage them to take turns in a different location with different seats option in their classroom,”

He added that education is one of the key components that bring growth and progress into society because building a brighter future is only possible with more personalized education system. Yet there is so much to do to improve the awareness on the importance of early childhood education.

At the same time, the Headmaster of Juba One girls Mary Samuel Jada said that this school desks would help students who did not have good desk before.

“I appreciate state government especially a team from Ministry of General Education for their effort toward school system. We encourage Minister to support more,”

Yesterday, Central Equatoria Minster of General Education, Cirisio Zakaria Lado Pefo has launches assessments to both primary and secondary levels. The assessment to monitor the processes at other levels of the education system to ensure the equitable distribution of educational opportunities for personal and national development.

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