CBO appeals for support of streets children

By Paulino Angok Garang

Community Empowerment and Peace Building Organization (CEPBO) a community based agency is appealing to well-wishers, businesspersons, government, organizations to support the center hosting street children in Aweil Town.

The organization was launched in 2018 mainly to cater for the needs of the streets children in Aweil Town, Mr. Atem Peter the Executive Director of the organization said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in Aweil Town on Thursday, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment and Peace Building Organization, Mr. Atem Peter Akok said that the situation of the children was dire.

“This centre offers accommodation to over 70 street children and out of these, 16 are girls and 54 are boys.

Our funds normally come from churches, State Government, businesspersons and well-wishers,” Mr. Peter explained.

He said most of the children do not have responsible families to look after them adding the Centre is solely where they can get their basic necessities.

 “We found out that most of these children are lacking basic needs in their families and responsibilities like parental care. If you ask them they tell you that they are lacking basic needs like food and that is why they decided to come to the town,” he stressed.

Dut Akot Dut, a reformed street child said that he left their home five years ago to Town arguing that parents never give any care to him.

Akot who is now transformed by the Centre said his living condition has improved since he joined the Centre.

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