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Causes of divorce (part two}?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba monitor, in yesterday’s story, I mentioned some causes that might have contributed to some families to break out or led to divorce. I am sure some of you know many reasons in your various communities. Most of the information was based on forced and early marriages as I mentioned in part one story.

For today’s story, I would like to mention other obstacles that occurred to people who were mature, had started their relationships by themselves in good faith. After they were blessed by the two parents, they developed problems in the process of living together.

They start losing trust among themselves, accusing each other for no reason. This problem may arise when the two stayed for years without producing children. The relatives from the side of the man would start complaining on why the woman stayed for some years without a child. The good family would advise them to seek the advice of doctorsor go for further treatment.

Those who have money can afford for future diagnosis; the poor family will remain moving from doctor to another seeking for treatment.  Others would go to tradition medicine in different ways, several people who believed in it, and theyproduced children.

 Some who have faith in God Jesus Christ and they produced children. Many of them failed. This is the group of people that majority of them separated.  The man blames the wife and via versa, never put in minds that children are gifts from God.  They are not the main reason for sustaining marriage lives. It is because our traditions believe in children as the main result of sustaining living.

If you don’t give birth to children, like your names are going to die at the end of your living. What would happen if you give birth to children and they ended becoming street children like many of them in Juba and other states. What bible tells us is different from our tradition. If we read the book of Saint Luke and other stories like the story of Sarah in the Old Testament and   of Zachariah in the New Testament, people will not divorce because of not having children.

God has done miracles to so many people who believe in Him. Yesterday there was story published in the newspaper saying that a woman from South Africa gave birth to 10 babies, seven males and three females. Who will believe that if it was not the power of God? In the past, there was no such kind of information. You can imagine how that woman managed to carry ten children in her womb.

It was God blessing to the family because of their faith. Let us believe in God and put everything in His hands for more blessing not for separation.

May God bless us all.

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