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Cattle vaccination campaign kicks off in Jonglei

Some of the cattle being vaccinated by vets from UN Food and Agriculture organisation team in one of the cattle camps in Jonglei state, Bor (Photo by Makur Achuoth, UN FAO)

 By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The cattle vaccination campaign targeting more than 4000 heads of cattle in Jonglei State has kicked off.

According to officials the vaccination campaign will cover all the counties of greater Jonglei State.

The campaign was being done by UN Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO) in collaboration with Veterinaries San Frontiers Germany (VSFG).

Speaking to the media shortly after vaccination kicked off in one of the cattle camp in Bor, the Country programme Director for veterinaries San frontiers (VSFG) Daniel Nondi said the campaign was to vaccinate the cattle against East Cost Fever (ECF).

He said they were targeting to vaccinate more than 4,500 livestock in the whole Jonglei state

“This will help in reduction and curbing animals diseases and make them fit for local community to meet the standard of keeping them and raise their livelihoods in terms of getting milk,” said Nondi

Nondi further stated that they were also planning to distribute some livestock to the local communities in Bor as another way of generating their income activities in the state

”We are planning to provide chickens and goats to the vulnerable people here in Jonglei as a way of building resilience and diversifying ways of getting income,” he explained.

He stated that the selected households will receive a number of goats and chickens respectively. Each household would be given six (6) poultry in total, 2 cocks and 4 hens.

“We shall be selecting some more households for goats as well. Two female goats will be given to a household and another male goat in order to boost resilience,” Nondi said.

Jonglei State Minister of Agriculture and forestry Mayen Ngor Atem welcomed the vaccination programme for the cattle.

He said that this would help in improving the health status of the animals and possibly become more productive to the local communities.

”I take this chance to congratulate VSF and FAO. I assure you that we shall collaboration and work together for the well-being of the cattle in the region,” Atem said.

He urged the partners to keep implementing the campaign diligently and technically.


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