Cattle migration pre-dialogue conference concludes in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

The cattle migration pre-dialogue conference has concluded in Rumbek Lakes State during the weekend.

 In an interview with Juba monitor, the peace building opportunities fund area adviser, Philip Thon Madit said the communities have agreed to herd cattle movement to (Toch) wetlands for grazing peacefully.

Madit said the conference brought together different stakeholders which have been part of conflicts such as spear masters, executive chiefs, Gelwong youth leaders who are commanders of the armed Youth, and regional Court Paramount chiefs of Aliamatoc 2.

Madit said the organization will soon bring together all the communities that will graze their cattle in wetlands known as Lol Manyiel into the main conference which will take place on 17-20 later this month, prior to moment of cattle keepers to (Toch) wetlands grazing site.

He said the 45 members of Akut de Dor committee have been formed in the community for the peaceful coexistence between the neighboring communities.

“We want our committees of Akude Dor committee in the community to ensure that peace is maintained, and the raided cattle are returned to their rightful owners peacefully,” said Madit.

The Executive Chief of Akorbil community, Aliamatoc 2, Marol Majok urges the government of Lakes State to deploy security forces in hot spots areas of Bahr Naam Bridge, and Teekic.

“There are indicators of early warning aggression by the armed Youth in the cattle camps because people are experiencing heavy shooting every day and night, while many people are buying new guns,’’ said sultan Majok.

He appealed to cattle keepers to migrate peacefully to wetlands and coexist without causing any troubles.

“We want cattle migration to Lolmanyiel wetland during the coming dry season to be under the sole responsibility of Lakes State government and not under the responsibility of armed Youth. We want government to regulate it and enough forces need to be deployed,’’ said sultan Majok.

However, the peace building opportunities fund in partnership with UNMISS organized Rumbek East County  peace talk  that was attended by over 100 participants and conflicts stakeholders such as spear masters, armed Youth cattle keepers, and Executive chiefs of Aliamatoc 2.

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