Cattle keepers urged to leave

By Baraka John

The Commissioner of Mundri West County has given 24 hours ultimatum to cattle keepers grazing their animals in the County to leave before any drastic measure is taken against them.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor on Tuesday,Commissioner Zerifa Dawa Justin said the presence of cattle keepers in Mundri West County pose threat to local farmers and the population, citing the cattle keepers are well armed driving their animals into people’s farmlands and destroying crops.

Dawa said the cattle keepers have no right to graze in Mundri referring to the presidential order on cattle keepers to leave areas of cultivation. She said any cattle keeper who has entered into the County without legal document must leave.

“We the citizens of Mundri West County, we don’t want conflict with other states, that is why I am requesting all cattle keepers grazing in my County to come forward with their legal documents that permit them to come here, if not they must leave in 24 hours. Cattle must stay in areas where they are meant to be, they shouldnot come to areas where farmers cultivate,” Ms. Dawa warned.

The Mundri West County Commissioner accused some businessmen in Mundri of importing cattle into the county illegally; something she said must stop with immediate effect.

She warned that any trader found dealing with cattle keepers will be punished severely but did not however reveal the mode of the punishment.

Last month farmers in Greater Mundri reported influx of cattle in the area destroying their crops, others said the cattle keepers are well armed and get angry with farmers once they are told to leave farmlands.  

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