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Cattle keepers urged to embrace peace with the host communities

By Yiep Joseph

Pastors in CalvaryChapel Nimule Payam in Eastern Equatoria state urged the cattle keepers to embrace peace with the host communities in Nimule.

This statement came during the two-day visit to the cattle camps in order to preach the word of God.

Speaking in the ceremony held yesterday in the cattle camp, pastor John Chol Machuar of Calvarychapel church revealed that their visit was meant to preach the word of God to the people in the cattle camps.

“We came here to preach the word of God to the cattle keepers in order for them to coexist with the host community” Chol said.

He revealed that they visited the five cattle camps in Melijo, Ashwa one and two, Bilnyang and Mugali as a move to preach word of peace to the cattle keepers.

Chol appealed to the cattle keepers to cooperate with the host communities and do everything with their consultation in order to avoid violent.

He mentioned that the church was willing to bring peace among communities in South Sudan through continuous preaching of the word of God.

Cholpromised to provide mobile schools to some cattle camps in order to bring education nearer to the children.

“I and the Calvary chapel church will try to provide some blackboards and books for children to learn in the cattle camps” he promised.

“The children in the cattle camps have no schools and they also need to learn like other children, the church is ready to help” he emphasized.

Chol narrated that education was a right for every child and he urged the government to support education to reduce level of illiteracy in the country.

He added that the need to bring peace to the country remained everyone’s responsibility.

Meanwhile James Bol Mading, one of the leaders in Bilyang cattle camp appreciated the move taken by calvary chapel church to bring word of peace together with education to the people.

“Iam very happy today, we need peace with our host communities in order to exist peacefully” Mading said.

He revealed that though the camps were temporary in the areas of Nimule, there was need for children to be taught and to learn like other children in Nimule.

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