Cattle keepers told to allow farmers to cultivate

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The team forImpact Response Committee (IRC)has urged Mundari cattle keepers to return cattle to their origin place so that the farmers can cultivate.

Last year, Central Equatoria State Governor, Emmanuel Anthony Adil then formed a committee to reconcile the Mundari communities,the Impact Response Committee (IRC) headed by Philip Ladu Jembeke, was  tasked for  visiting various sections of cattle camps across Terekeka County and to come up with tangible solutions to the conflicts.

Addressing the media earlier this week, the Chairperson for Impact Response Committee Philip LaduJembeke said the impact response committee is working hard to ensure that this cattle are pretreated far from the area of farming

“We visited Robe cattle camp where the IRC met with the chiefs and all cattle camp leaders. The visit was to address the issues that come out from cattle camp after the conference. The Committee promised to retreatthe raided cattle although most of cattle keepers have gone far and the committee could not access in those areas,” said Jembeke

He added that Impact Response Committee have managed to recover six hundred and eighty-eight (688) cows and many were not recovered. Since the rain season is on,the committee decided tocome out withstrategy to visit all cattle camps.

He revealed that the committee have an idea to tell youths that since farming is on, all cattle keepers should distant from the farming areas so that to create a chance forresidents of Kworijik and Robe to cultivate and other areas in Juba city.

However, the Commissioner of Terekeka County, James Lino Malou appreciated the committee of Impact Response Committee for bring peaceful co-existence among Mundari community.

“The unity of cattle keepers and citizens in Robe area will bring good spirits to all of people. I urged all cattle keepers who are leaving in Bari land to distant themselves from the farming area. Let cattle keepers give a chance to farmers to cultivate,” Malou said.

“The initiative is to talk to our youth to stop confrontations and to allow dialogue. The committee managed to bring them together so that they can listen to their grievances,” Jembekesaid.

In October last year, tensions began following the killing of the son of former Central Equatoria governor Clement Wani Konga.

In Decemberlast year, Mundari youth have been in conflict and fighting around Juba and the fight extended into communities, and from the community, it has affected the other communities that are rearing their cattle.

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