Catholic Church to welcome Bishop Mulla

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the information reported in the media and announcement made in the churches, Chapels and prayer centers that Bishop Stephen Martin Ameyu Mulla should be installed on 22nd of this month as it was scheduled by Vatican. People of Archdiocese of Juba should welcome him and rejoice as new Archbishop at the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba. There is no need for thinking negative ideas about him as it had happened in December 2019 and last Sunday 8th of this month when the announcement was made.

People should not group themselves according to communities against each other on the issue of appointment. One of the reasons mentioned in the story published yesterday was that he is not acquainted to the local languages in Juba.  According to me that was not a big problem; translation should be made in case of languages I am sure if he has interest, should learn the languages within a short period of time. Rejecting him is reflecting bad image of the church.

This is not political position; it is Church position, he was appointed through the power of the Holy Spirit by Pope Francis in the Vatican. Nobody has a hand on it apart from the power of Pope. The crisis going on at Catholic Archdiocese of Juba couldn’t help. That was not the attitude of Church and Christians in the Universal Church in the world.  It has spoilt the name of Catholic Church and the former administration of Catholic Archdiocese of Juba. It was unfortunate to hear that Church Personnel had divided themselves in to groups against each other. It had created enmity among people of one church which Jesus Christ has not done it even to the Apostles during those years.

Church cannot be surrounded by soldiers or police, it is Christ who protects people in the church and outside the Church if you believe in Him. The situation in the Catholic Church has reduced the faith of some Christians for the reasons that Christ has no nationality and tribe. If you make research at the Catholic Church, majority of the tribes of South Sudan are there.

Why this entire situation was happening by this time people was putting government on the right position of sustainable peace. Where is the role of Catholic Church in peace building if they are creating problems in such manner? Currently, some people were becoming worried on the situation where police are the ones protecting the church at St. Theresa Cathedral.

Catholic Church has entered in bad record since the announcement of Bishop Mulla was made last year.

The current situation of the Catholic Church at the Archdiocese of Juba is reflecting bad image of the church in South Sudan. On Sunday 8th of March, 2020, several Christians were mobilized to make peaceful demonstration against the announcement of Bishop Mulla to be installed on the coming Sunday, which was unbecoming. However, everything is in the hands of God, He knows why things are happening in this manner.

 May God bless us all.

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