Catholic Church Finally celebrates Assumption Day

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On the 15th of August, 2020 the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba celebrated Assumption Day; it is a day of commemorating our lady Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ our savior. According to Roman Catholic Church doctrines, Virgin Mary was taking to heaven by God with her Body she wasn’t buried like an ordinary human beings. Her life was different from other ladies that’s why God chosen her to be the Mother of Savior.

 As the practice of the Catholic Church, every year on the 15 of August, the administration of the Catholic Church celebrates the Day globally. It is in the calendar of the Church, and any Catholic Church administration around the world must make sure that the day is commemorated, whether it is small or big celebration, it must be done.  

And this done as respect to the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave birth to our savior who save the believers in the World. This year celebration was different from the other years due to Coronavirus. Churches were closed down because of COVID – 19 across the world. Catholic Church wasn’t exceptional in this pandemic situation which affected the celebration and even normal prayers conducted every Sunday.

However, it was a great chance for having the celebration done at the Cathedral after some months without Christians coming together to attend services. They were happy to celebrate the event and meet together again as one body under the leadership of Archbishop, His Grace Dr. Stephen Martin Ameyu Mulla. I hope prayers will continue in the churches as Christians have stayed away from the Church for a long periods.  Of course this long gap has disadvantages with Christian’s faith in the church. If you are not strong Christians in faith, you will experiences a lot of temptations in your life. 

Satan or devil usually looks for such gaps of not being continues in prayers to attack.  You will be gambling if you are not strong in faith to fight devils through prayers and listening to the word of God. I am sure many Christians are following prayers through radios which keep their faiths strong within the periods of Coronavirus in the country and across the world.

Thus, happy feast with blessing to those who are following the life of Virgin Mary, like sisters Communities, members of Legion Maria and other Christians in the world.

May God bless us all.

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