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Catholic Church celebrates Centenary

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday, thousands of Christians gathered at Saint Theresa Cathedral, Kator and witnessed launching of Legion of Mary programmes at the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba under the theme: “Unity in the midst of diversity in Legion of Mary strengthen the Body of Christ.”

His Grace Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla said the celebration marked 100 years of establishment of LegionMary in the world. It was established on 7th of September 1921 and on 7th of this month it was 100 years.

 This celebration is all over the world as the activities are carried out globally.

The celebration marked likewise the beginning of Legion of Mary activities at the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba. The programmes will continue for the whole year until the final celebration will end on 7th of September 2022. Within these periods of time, members of Legion of Mary were requested to organize numbers of activities that brings people closer to know more about the role of Legionof Mary:

First: to carry out enlightenment programmes to other parishes that have no members of Legion of Mary in their parishes. 

Second: to know more about the activities Legion of Mary are carrying out, andto have knowledge on the life of Mary the mother of Jesus.

She was one of the apostles with few other women who followed Jesus Christ during His suffering until the time He was crucifiedon the cross.

The activity of Legionof Mary started with a small number of people and now there are about six million members in the world.  We honor Mary because she is the mother of Jesus. She was examined from the original sin of the world.

Bishop Mulla said activities of Legion of Marywere not for women, it is also for men and young girls and boys. In South Sudan, the majority of members are women who are widows. However, theactivities of Centenary for this year were to include recruitment of more members intothe programmes of Legion of Mary.

On 15th of August this year, Torit Diocese of Catholic Archdiocese of Juba had celebrated Centenary of Loa Parish. It was a celebration of one hundred years of faith. In 2019, Catholic Archdiocese too celebrated Centenary of Rejaf Parish; it was launched on the First of November, 2018 and ended on the First of November, 2019.

These show that Catholic Church is mature in faith and expected to evangelizethe word of God to many people and bring others to Christianity.

May God bless us all.

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