Leaders should have the spirit of pre-eminence

By: Agar Mayor Gai As the term leadership makes known to all, the leaders have their capabilities and duties distinct from for the rest. In other words, the day a person is chosen to be a leader sails him up to another level with different duties and stands. In this...

21 years were not a joke

By Akol Arop Akol 21 years were not a joke We now got freedom, enjoy this freedom But don’t make corruption in anything Money, food, land and positions I am just wondering, extremely shaken My eyes drop tears, when I see and hear Some folks insulting the susceptible people Who...

Christmas demands

By: Anna Nimiriano Dear readers, we are beginning the third week of December, it is a week that majority of people are purchasing for Christmas items in the markets. If you had planned for Christmas some months ago, you would not have many problems although there is economic crisis in...

Expressing Loud Prosperity

By: Wollimo Ramson Baja Prosperity is the art of managing wealth. In Adam Smith’s way of critical thinking it is how wealth is generated. It is how development is created. Adam Smith was one of early capitalist thinkers whose later economic answers dominated the globe. It did not dominate the...

Land grabbing

By: Anna Nimiriano The issue of land grabbing is not new in South Sudan. If you make research around Juba, you would find a lot of people have grabbed the land of innocent people. Those people were individuals and government officials; they took the land by force using their powers...

Nourish your soul

By: Akol Arop Akol As you live in evil, selfish and expensive world where everything is commercial, you may not afford to get all needs daily and live a happy life. Your eyes need to see good things. Your heart, brain and stomach all need different things. Thus, life may...
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