Let's Speak Out

Dialogue or no dialogue

The steering committee of the National Dialogue started deliberations on Monday the 29th of last month. Being a member of the steering committee of this dialogue, I have noticed that a lot needs to be done to build trust and confidence in this process and the government. Yesterday I was...

Museveni: Meddler or Savior of South Sudan Nation

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni is waging parallel initiative that aims to reunify SPLM at this time when the attention of South Sudanese is focused on the national dialogue, which is seen as offering a rare opportunity for resolution of the conflict threatening the integrity of the country. He...

The law must catch up with all offenders

Something is surely taking the right direction in the midst of the power in charge of the country. It has come to be that soldiers who committed atrocities during last year’s skirmishes are facing court martial under this country’s laws. This is a signal and a warning to those who...

Don’t be Judas Iscariot -Activist warns

A senior youth activist has said some government officials who are incompetent in performing their duties have become traitors accusing their colleagues to President Kiir to be sacked from their positions. Speaking in an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Wutchok Magangdit said there is evidence where some individuals have written...
Let's Speak Out

Judges thrown into mud

The judges of South Sudan have been thrown into mud and forgotten there.  About three weeks ago the Judges could not stomach the situation they found themselves in anymore and walked out of their courts. The result has been a disaster in the judiciary. Prisons and remand centres are filling...

Security and the public must work closer

It is encouraging to note from the State authorities in Wau that relationship between the security organs and the public had improved. This is what is expected of all security forces both National and States. Their first and foremost assignments are to protect the public and their property, be it...

Kudos for supporting Tonj Civil Hospital

Tonj was a former district in Bhar El Ghazal region, and was part of the former Warrap state. Tonj formally comprised of three counties, Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South. Thanks President Salva Kiir for establishing the 28 states in which Tonj is one of its counties. Comitato Collaboraziones...

Please think about Next Generation!

Have you attended any wedding or occasion recently? Well, I have. And I have made a lot of observations of how we think and how it influences us to do the things we do. Generally, when people are asked to help themselves, observe how they indeed help themselves at the...
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