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Jubek or Juba State: Which One Helps Make Peace and Unity?

Truth Empowers By Christopher Sebit Jubek State is ethnically and linguistically diverse. It is inhabited by five ethnic groups, namely Bari, Nyangwara, Pojulu, Lulubo and Lokoya. The Nyangwara and Pojulu speak Bari language, whereas the Lokoya speak their own mother tongue and so do the Lulubo speak their own...
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National Dialogue on course

A high level delegation of the steering committee of the National Dialogue led by Co-chair Angelo Beda returned to Juba from South Africa on July 2nd having failed to meet the former First Vice President and now the main opposition figure Dr. Riek Machar is being taken by some people...
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Media Authority is a saboteur

As the chairman of the communications department in the secretariat of the steering committee of the national dialogue, our work in the department has not been easy. People outside the country are largely skeptical of the dialogue. They think those of us who agreed to participate in the dialogue have...
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George Livio and freedom

It is now six days since Radio Miraya Journalist George Livio was released from detention. His liberation has brought a lot of joy and jubilation amongst Journalists to the extent that many media personalities and media institutions including the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) which I head...
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Dialogue or no dialogue

The steering committee of the National Dialogue started deliberations on Monday the 29th of last month. Being a member of the steering committee of this dialogue, I have noticed that a lot needs to be done to build trust and confidence in this process and the government. Yesterday I was...
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Judges thrown into mud

The judges of South Sudan have been thrown into mud and forgotten there.  About three weeks ago the Judges could not stomach the situation they found themselves in anymore and walked out of their courts. The result has been a disaster in the judiciary. Prisons and remand centres are filling...
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Unify the peace initiatives

There are now two initiatives placed on the table to bring peace to the country. There is the national dialogue announced by President Salva Kiir Mayardit last month. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Norway and Great Kingdom had unveiled a peace dialogue to be held in Doha, Qatar...
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