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Cat out of the bag, the reports on 2013, 2016 crisis

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William Madouk Garang/Yiep Joseph

A report purported to be from the government and circulating on social media alleged to have categories of conflicts and instances that led to a political crisis in the country in 2013.

The 72 – pages report, which could not be confirmed or authenticated by the relevant government authorities come hot immediately after president Salva Kiir on Monday said: “I am directing the National Security Service and its partner, the BRL Law Firm to declassify all the information about the conflict’s genesis in their possession (intercepts, audios, and personal accounts),”

“This is very important so that the people of South Sudan know the truth and judge for themselves from the position of this knowledge. We must say the truth because genuine reconciliation has its basis in it. This will also support the process of healing in our country,” he added.

However, efforts to get government spokesperson, Micheal Makuei Lueth, Ateny Wek Ateny, the presidential spokesperson as well as National Security Services public Relations officer, David John Komuri could not verify if the document was the one the president meant by press time.   

The document which has been published by the London Base firm 9BR chamber London date March 2022 titled “Pushing the Reset Button for South Sudan” stated that the conflict was a political move caused by a coup.

The document seen by Juba Monitor stated that some top official leaders were seen to be behind the 2013, 1016 conflict.

In his address to the nation’s president, Kiir assured those who will be implicated in the report of a presidential amnesty saying that is important in ensuring that the release of the documents does not create alarms among the public and said that the release of the information will result in the moving of the country forward.

“Having said that, I need to state clearly that those who may be implicated by the declassified information that is going to be released are guaranteed presidential pardon. So, there is no cause for alarm over this. All we are interested in is for the public to know the truth about the background of the conflict in our country,” he said.

“I hope after the release of this information, we can all move forward with permanent peacebuilding that will create harmony and prosperity in our country,” he concluded.

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