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Cash transfers payment for girls kicks off in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Bor County Department of Education launched the cash transfer payment (CTP) in Jonglei state which is supported by Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) in Partnership with Ministry of General Education and Instruction.

Last week, USAID joint United Kingdom and Canada to support girls’ education in South Sudan in order to encourage girls attend school and enroll in their education.

In Jonglei State, at least about 86 schools have qualified for the incentives in the cash transfers payment and 72 are primary schools while 19 are secondary schools. All those schools were approved to receive the incentives as about 27 schools were missed in the payroll as stated by Director of Bor County Education Department.

Speaking to Media, Gabriel Panchol Anyang, the Director of Bor County Education department said that the current payment was 8,106 school girls while about 27 schools were missing in the payroll and the issue is being reported to Juba.

“Thepaymentdiffersgirls from Primary 5 to Primary 7 and senior one – three will receive a cash of 5,600 SSP per each girl and primary eight candidatesas well senior four will receive 8,400 SSP per each girl in the qualified schools. The cash transfer payment is annual and the month of payment vary according to implementing agent,” said Panchol.

He added that the paymentswere meant as the motivation for girls in order to attend classes and pursuit their educationand to facilitate girls with basic needs like sanitary items. And that moneywas not meant for Christmas clothes as only for buying things related to schoolin order topromotethe girl’s education.

He revealed that the money was not enough equivalent to the current economic crises of the country, especially when in the dividend with small units to girls.

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