Cash reward for Guinea worm to be launched in Kapoeta

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The national Ministry of Health with support from World Health Organization is set to launch the; “It Pays to Report Guinea Worm Campaign” in Kapoeta state this Saturday.

The cash reward, which is to be launched by the Minister of Health, Dr. Riek Gai Kok would motivate the local people to report to the health personnel, any cases of Guinea worm and get paid in return.

Speaking at a media workshop yesterday, which called for the media in South Sudan to play a key role in eradicating the Guinea worm disease by creating awareness, Makoy Samuel Yibi, the Director of the programme said the programme looks forward towards bringing zero infection of the disease in the country.

“Guinea worm is a very dangerous disease. It affects people who are at the bottom of the society and we need the media to pass on the message to the people,” Yibi said.

“We need the media to report any case of Guinea worm to the nearby health Centre so that measures can be taken to avoid other people from acquiring the disease,” he added.

The director continued that they need to engage the media to create awareness about the disease across the country.

Lyosi Evans, a representative from World Health Organization said there is a need to eliminate the disease completely in South Sudan.

Evans appealed to the media to pass to the public a correct message about the disease so that they can understand it better.

Guinea worm is an infection caused by a bacteria that is got by drinking contaminated water from ponds, hand dug wells or other stagnant sources by an infected person with a hanging worm.

The reason why the launch is taking place in Kapoeta is because it is one of the areas that has success story of eradicating the disease.

South Sudan Guinea Worm Eradication Programme was started in 2006 with support from the Carter Centre.

In 2008 about 3,618 cases were reported from 1,243 villages but according to the 2016 report, only six cases were reported.

Yibi said that the infection has reduced by 99 percent. He said their aim was to eradicate Guinea Worm completely from South Sudan.

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