Cases of lawlessness should be brought to a stop since they are the cause of fear to investors who are preparing to bring up developments in the country. The looting of Jit Supermarket is a case in point and while security organs are working out to get to the root cause, they should also be vigil at all time to curb the existence of the gangs behind such illegal activities. Jit management confirms that this was the fourth time the chain supermarket had met such a fate. While security of paramount and a constitutional right of each individual, there must be a leak in the offing for such offences to be committed more than once in a particular outfit. Each one is the keeper of the other and it would be appropriate for the neighbours to work and keep watch together. Community policing should be introduced and encouraged in the City centre and its suburbs where individuals knows one another and can report any suspicious character within their vicinities. The robbery or looting at the superstores is just one among other unreported incidences but which should create an alert among the residents. There are cases which are being ignored or considered petty but which are the foundation and root cause of major crimes. They should be dealt with instantly when detected either by reporting to police or at appropriate legal institution. Above all members of the public must take their security seriously by being security for themselves and their dependents. Insecurity should be dealt with at all costs more so at this time when peace is being restored for the well- being of all. This should be the more reasons to encourage why security should not be compromised and should be upheld by the entire country for effective development. Let cases of mugging, robbing, assaults and snatching among others be stumped out to create conducive atmosphere for both small and large scale businesses.

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