Could the authority confirm if the order banning charcoal trade in the country had been lifted and if so when, since it was not made public. The activities of cutting down trees are becoming alarming considering the current climate change which is   becoming more dangerous to parts of the world. Sometime back the government through the key players banned the trade on charcoals to save the few trees that are still existing and which are of more value for maintaining a conducive environment. The trees are equally a source of rain apart from their natural beauty. The order then directed all security organs to deal with those involved in the trade without mercy because they were behind the destruction of people’s natural heritage. If the order and ban have been lifted, the relevant authorities should make it known to the public. One need only to be on the roadside or on motor vehicles to see a number of tracks full of charcoals being driven to unknown destinations. Not once or twice but a number of times and worse still, in the presence of the security organs who in most cases turn their eyes and attention to the other side. If the order is still in place then the government needs to deal with some law enforcement agencies that are not doing their work effectively. These are the same people who have been accused for collaborating with these under-cutting trades who will stop at nothing until they get what they want. They are cartels who will lure each situation into their own selfish interest disregarding all possible dangers they are exposing the public to. The law should be effectively applied to deal with these cartels to stop them from further destruction of these rare and important trees which form the natural beauty of the country.

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