Care about the family

By Manyang Awech

Do you know how much a hen or a female chicken takes care of its eggs and chicks during incubation and after hatching respectively? It takes good care of its eggs during incubation by sitting on them for almost 21 days to provide a required temperature, protect them and only comes out for a while to feed itself.

After hatching, a hen feeds and protects its chicks from being swooped by the eagles until they are matured enough to feed and dodge eagles by themselves.

Do we really take care of our families as a hen does to its eggs and chicks?

No, I guess we don’t take good care of our families. Some of us spend a whole day playing cards and many other games from morning till evening without looking for jobs not even meditating on what our families would eat.

Sometimes we work but spend all what we earn in night clubs boozing with friends and not offering even little amount of money for family for buying food to eat. And when it’s dawn, you return home drunk and agitate the family, beating the wife and children terribly in such a way that even dogs are not beaten like that, and in the cost of doing that you also disturb the neighbours. Why do some of us really do that?

Most of our children drop out of schools because some of us neither provide food nor pay their schools fees. We don’t care about their future. All we care about is to booze and then lay on the roads when we are drunk.

All the children who are left on the streets are our children who have left homes because they are mistreated and not provided with their basic needs like food, clothes and so on.

They are currently living awful life where they grape and steal peoples’ properties so that they can eat. Why have we let our children to live such a life?

These children whom we leave them loitering in the streets are future leaders of this country. Let’s take good care of them as a hen does to the eggs and chicks, let’s wake up early in the morning to look for work to do so that we can manage to feed them and offer them other needs and take them to schools because their future is crucial to us as a nation. So let’s discipline, show love and care for them.

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