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Capacity building for CSO and Journalists on access to information

By John Agok

Access to Information Commission with support from UNESCO organized two-day training on Trainers of Trainee (ToT) in abid to equip them with knowledge, and be able to train Information Officers from both public and Private institutions.

Over twenty Trainers of Traineedrawn from media houses and Civil Society Organization (CSO) received two-day skills and knowledge and expected to deliver similar training on Access to Information to others.

Speaking during the opening, Information Commissioner   Moyiga Nduru embraced the efforts on bringing together officials from Commission, CSO and Journalists to critically acquire knowledge on Access to Information and later on impart it to Information Officers in various government institutions.

“The training is critical for you ToT, because you will be going to states and promote Access to Information “, he said.

Nduru admitted the challenges government institutions were facing and this was due to lack of knowledge by both public and private body.

“It is difficult to access information in what the Ministry plan and which is worth for public, they are holding that public information which is trusted to them.  Information Officers should be able to provide data to where it deems necessary”, he added.

Samuel Adiru the legal consultant for Information as the main facilitator highlighted that, information was being held by both public and private institutions as the result of lack of awareness on what information was worth for public consumption and which was not.

“Now the Commission has a plan to train CSO and Journalists to advocate on Access to Information and Right to Know”, he said.

In accordance with the Provision of Section 53 of the Right to Access to Information Act 2013, is now on the verge to be fully established and fully functioning.

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