Cantonments will free civilians

By Nema Juma and Kidega Livingstone

Cantonment of forces allied to SPLA-IO and South Sudan People‘s  Defenses Forces would allow free movement of civilians, a top army officer have said.

Lt.Gen. Juma Johnson Okoth, Deputy Chief of Staff for SSPDF  said that local population have been crowned with army uniforms and conflict because forces were mixed up with civilians in the residential areas in most parts of the country.

Speaking during the workshop to provide solutions on the security situation in the country yesterday Lt.Gen.Okoth said cantonment is the only solution for the army to be ethical.

“We have crowed our citizens with uniform and conflict so cantonment will be one of the activities of the forces the population will be enjoying because it would free environment to our population. We can only do this by putting our armies into cantonments sites and barracks,” said Okoth.

He said putting the forces at the cantonment sites should well-planned by putting the rule and regulation in order for the forces to be ethical in their duties

We are taking the Armies to the cantonments   and we are going to screen them and trained   them .what rule and regulation is going to be adopted at the cantonments. what is going to be our ethics this should be a well-planned taken to the cantonments as we get out of the cantonment and we go to our various capacity where we be requested to perform well, “said Lt.Gen Okoth

He emphasized that the government also cantoning its armies through the languages is different because when an army in the barrack he or she is already cantoned.

“Our civil population is also armed and they need to be cantoned because we are aware since the colonial time that they are armed,” he said

“We need to have national and sizeable armies that will be requested to perform duties in this country with the contract between the population and government through the constitution when we have assured them that we can now provide the security,” said Okoth.

He emphasized that the forth cantonment is to disarm South Sudanese heart from the culture of guns, conflict and aggression.

“When we came in 2005 we have been supported by our friends and got the recognition especially in the area of building the structures.  We had a good structured army that we called the real liberators because the training we organized with our friends from the International community,” Okoth said.


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