Candidates in dilemma as government schools remain closed

Juba One Girls learners and their teachers

By Bida Elly David

Concerned teachers have yesterday reacted that the strike waived by teachers towards delay of their allowances has started affecting candidate classes such as senior 4 and primary 8, especially female learners who believed they would finish this year.

Speaking to Juba monitor yesterday, the head teacher of Juba One girls primary school,Madam Mary Samuel stressed out that if the Ministry of education and the office of the governor fail to address teachers’ grumbles that led to strike earlier, the candidate classes such as the primary eight (8) and senior four (4) would be affected since most government schools have not yet covered all the syllabuses, thus leading to poor performance.’

‘’If the state ministry of health fails to solve teachers’ grumbles which earlier resulted to strike, candidate classes, especially primary eight(8) and Senior four(4) will be affected since most government schools have not yet accomplished the syllabus coverage’’ She said

Furthermore,Poni jagged out that, the strike would not only implicate candidates but also female learners in upper primary and secondary schools, leading to thoughts not in relation to learning.

Urged the State Government, especially the Ministry of Education and the office of the governor to hurriedly address teachers’ grumbles to enable them resume their normal duties as usual

However, James Ebere, Juba one girls school secretary lamented that, if you want to bring down a nation, interrupt education sector then everything shall be in mess, thus what happened to them in the nearest future could influence the country passively.

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