Candidate Lual submits his credentials to SSFA

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The former South Sudanese International Referee Mr. Lual Maluk Lual has finally submitted his contesting credentials (application)to South Sudan Football Association as elections are nears.

Shortly after receiving the documents, the South Sudan Football Association Secretary General (SSFA) Mr.Victor Lawrence Lual appreciated Mr. Lual for being the first candidate to submit his credentials to SSFA office.

“Yes, he shows us his documents, we received it, then later on the timetable in 20th June there will be examinations for all the files and if there is anything will be communicated to him,” said the SSFA Secretary-General Mr. Lawrence after receiving  application.

He said so far Mr. Lual Maluk Lual is the first candidate to submit his application for consideration as candidate for the position of South Sudan Football Association presidency.

“It is now the part of the electoral committee to communicate who is being nominated, so according to the timetable everything will be communicated later,” Mr. Lawrence said.

Meanwhile, candidate Lual thanked the SSFA secretary for receiving his application.

“On behave of former development I would like to thank the Secretary General for well receiving our documents, he received our documents, that is the procedure and we ensure you that we are following the procedure,” Mr. Lual said.

“We are expecting anything that will come from the electoral committee and we wish everyone the best,” he added.

Mr. Lual however, revealed that there are plans under way to visit all the local football associations to discuss some of his plans ahead of general election.

Mr. Lual, who is a former international football referee, declared his candidacy late Aprilpromising to challenge his rivals in the July 22 general election.

“I expect the rest of the candidates to declare their candidature later, but I am aware of the people interested [in running] for SSFA presidency.”

He also told his supporters that he would fight corruption and work to ensure South Sudan football national team meets the international standards.

The timetable for general election is set to beon 22ndJuly this year and the date for submission of applications for candidates started on 17 of May this year according to the date set by the interim committee for election.

According to the reports circulating in some media outlets there were over five candidates who have shown interest in the position, including, those of Yohanis Musa Pouk Nyundeng, Peter Achuil, Gen. Agustino, Francis, the incumbent president Lual himself who submitted his application over the weekend.

But so far only the former international referee Mr. Lual has publiclysubmitted and declared his candidacy.

Mr. Amin whose term in office expired on May17, 2021, will be expected to seek, second term in the general election in July.

South Sudan football industry has been faced with challenges, among them poor and inadequate infrastructure and financial constraints, retarding football development.

The country’s main football stadium reconstruction, nine months project that began in 2019 is yet to be accomplishedit has collapsed twice, delaying its completion on time.

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