Canaan water factory workers on strike

By John Agok

Over two hundred workers for Canaan Water Company are demanding for increment of their wages and decried poor working conditions and exploitations.

The casual workers were said to have been forced to leave jobs if they do not comply with set statuesque by the company. The company does pay workers one thousand and two hundred South Sudanese pounds, a move the workers themselves objected and they are demanding an increment of 3,000 SSP per a day.

The management of Canaan Water Company gave ultimatum of two weeks to consult the board of directors in the company to review the working conditions of workers citing the economic hardship.

DesaleEashetle, the Manager of Canaan revealed that, they are giving two weeks ultimatum for workers to address the issues of workers who demanded an increment of wages. He also assured them to be patience as the board of directors is fully updated about the conditions of the workers.

“ I am telling them to be patient enough at least for two weeks for me to inform my Director of the company as the economic hardship is growing”, he said.

However,Emanuel Mayath a worker said that, they are not supposed to be exploited in their home country as they absolutely have the right to fairness.

“We are in our country and no one else can exploit us in the watch of our government. We have been suffering in the hands of this Company, why are they increasing the price of water, while they do not increase our wages. Why?” he asked.

Seiba Osman lamented why they are being mistreated in our Country and they are even chasing us instead of listening to our concerns,” she said.

“We are asking the relevant authorities to listen to our complaints and address the matter,” she added.

The city council is issuing 45 cards to every company employees subjected to Ministry of Health medical screening fitness.  Each card for an employee cost fifteen thousand SSP and it was paid by the Company. The Criminal Investigation Officer (CID) employed in the company dispersed the crowd that stood outside the company’s compound who barricaded the entrance of company to prevent vehicles and after negotiating to reach consensus with the Management of the company, they evacuated the outside compound.

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